The Ghostly Quotebag

The truth is: yes, unexplainable activity can be scary, but I find that history leaves more of a stain on my heart than any supernatural occurrence I could encounter.
— Katrina Weidman

Personally, I don’t believe hauntings are, by their nature, inherently or always scary. I think they can be beautiful.
— Leanna Renee Hieber

What in the world constitutes a ghost except the fact of being known for one?
— Edith Wharton

‘I am sad for you,’ she said.
‘For me?’
There was a slight inclination of her head. ‘Yes, in the same way I would be sad for any living creature doomed to unthinkable horror.’
– R. Chetwynd-Hayes

Ghosts wander, if anywhere, through the labyrinth of their own finished lives.
— George Mackay Brown

I felt threatened as if some being whose name and form I did not know understood all about me and was determined to destroy me.
— Iain Crichton Smith

At the same time I sensed a menace — from a being other than animal or man, a being from another world…
— Iain Crichton Smith

The stronger the emotion, the higher the chance of the misty veil between this world and another being lifted.
– Colin Waters

For the first time I appreciated the meaning of the terror of beauty.
— Alicia Ramsey

There was the sense that I had suddenly been brought into touch with something that lay outside the existing world as I had known it two minutes before.

There was something else; it was as if in a darkened room I had been awakened by the tingling noise of a telephone bell, had been torn from sleep by it, as if some message was even now coming through from unseen and discarnate realms.

But still somewhere in the back of my mind there was the idea that some wave from the infinite sea which laps round the coast of material things had at that moment hissed up at me on the shore and withdrawn again.
— E.F. Benson

I’ve spent the last thirty years looking like my own ghost.
— Elizabeth Hand

Too many equivocal precedents have been set, as disquieting as they are incomprehensible, to allow me to be easily persuaded of the immediate unconsciousness of a decapitated head.
— Auguste Villiers de l’Isle-Adam

There are doors unseen, opening into unimaginable realms. Once these doors have been opened, what creatures may enter in?
— Barbara Michaels

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