Accept the blessed invitation
The interval of expression
Possessed by insane desire
The nearly articulate now
The happy accord of face and spirit
The untasted delights of her body
Exposed to view every outline
Visible through the clinging
Tranquil tenderness that
Gathers depth and volume
As it nears fulfillment
A more wanton expression of
The fundamental act of love
An attitude full of plastic possibility
The rise and fall of her luscious breasts
Straining against the fabric of the universe

Like a sea creature removed from its element
By reason of its own reproachful loveliness

Trembling in abject confusion
At the bright impermanence
On the edge of compulsion
Blent with such base elements
Now more insistent more anxious
She could not uncoil the skeins
Of sensation flooding her body
The comprehensive dissipations
During which no inconsistency
Can exist

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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