Lady Rat Jinx

In the creepy transactional haze
The visitation moment
Lady Rat Jinx presenting herself as
Made to order for monkey business
Darkly seductive and alienating at once
Cultivating the divine organization
Of her being
A stilted fetish object
For morally casual youths
A less incantatory figure
And more of a sexual one
The spidery branch weavings sway
Among competing versions of lucidity
Optical coherence
Only interferes with itself
A disturbing creature
Wedded to a landscape of possibilities
An attractive force between elements
A reality distortion field
Amid quantum whispers
About the nature of reality
A send trigger creating
Patterns among the tiny particles
Higher energies where discoveries
Seem more likely
The hope that high-energy
Collisions will reveal
New particles charged
Particles emanating from the sun
The chaotic stage of the goddess
A most complex piece of
Highly excitable matter
A Cone of uncertainty
Push her boundaries
Find distant places
Beyond the known world
Thresholds physical and ethical
The jade chamber
In her southern palace
A contact binary
An angle grinder
Information inside a black hole
The Hall of Dispelling Clouds
The Boat of Purity and Ease
Equally hypnotic and exasperating
As two crescents become one circle
Amidst the inevitable rise of the siren
Like an otherworldly glittering
Space crustacean whose brittle
Facade has finally been shattered
Breaches everywhere multiple breaches
What properties of an object
Are preserved when it is
Changed or deformed
The customary Englishwoman’s
Exceptional want of character
I’ll answer a question
With a question
Why is there something instead of


About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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