Nothing Beside Remains

A fleeting chirp
From vast ungoverned spaces
Conversation disorder
Borderline gibberish
Devoid of meaning
Backchannel chats
Impossible on any machine
That obeys the laws of physics
A brief coherence time
A temporal dissonance
A focal seizure
A significant brain insult
Causing violent relaxation
Creating a bewildered figure a
Feverish and somewhat feeble
High energy transient explorer
Of time domain astronomy
Slave to the Carrington event
A manifestation of what happens
When you have chaos
Still on moving ground
Past enchantment
Severely aberrant
Gazing into a terrifying black hole
The Uncanny Valley
Appearing in
Grainy detail
Marionettes and reptiles
A lost shipping container
Wedged in a sea cave
The doomsday rock
Mostly void with a veil
Of atmosphere
As empty as gutted fish
Small cores buried deep
Inside extensive balls
Of gas
Mingled with burnt
Tree trunks
The telltale fallout of
A planetary sized impact
The Chicxulub event
The cosmic blow
That ended an age
A vast evacuation
Grave thermal catastrophe
Light & Death & Life & Shadow
Buttering the sunshine avenue
The big rip of phantom energy
A cosmic repulsion force
Smooth and flattened
In the original chaos
To what end nobody knows

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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