Sad Details Emerge

Sad details emerge
The endangerment finding
Prep school sex inquiries
As a prelude to a classroom stabbing
A change agent
Taunting a police animal
Misbehaving before the enemy
Some kind of mascara-wearing
Massacre-seeking entity
Slaughtering the anointed
In the hallways
With the hallmarks of a
Grotesque thriller novel
A discourse saboteur
A drug-addled degenerate whose
Artwork celebrated consumerism
And the relation of individuals
To corrupted systems
On intimate terms with the deepest
Levels of physical reality
A bad sport strange atypical
The bloom of a flowering plant
A mass of combustible matter
A vexing gesture toward damage and delusion
The violation of parity and
The failure of the American ethos
Have I been discoursing to no avail whatsoever
Girls in heels holding objects
And gesturing to them
In the experience center
A census designated place
A bad place for a beef
The casualty officer
Wondering whether he’d killed the fuck

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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