At twilight the fiery object
Across the tops of the trees
Etching a straight sketch overhead
Then with a sudden acute swerve
The light approaches me
Guided by clear intelligence
Gliding down the wooded ravine
To settle in the ancient hollow
With a deep hissing noise
Follow over the fence
Through the broken branches
And there amid flashing violet arcs
Glinting in brilliant illumination
A radiant structure within a radiant structure
Utsuro-Bune Die Glocke The Acorn
The lesser vehicle which achieves the greater
The hidden temple of the Glowing Goddess
Uncountably infinite windows and
She stands in every one
Magnetic translucent silvery curves
Transparent hue eclipsing the aureole
Of her dawning skin explaining things
With her eyes in your head

You are one with me

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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