The beginning before beginning
A near image of the transcendental
Echoing across the limit She whose
Name is hidden who equals day
And the end of day this becoming
Entity in the process of becoming
The created world
The envelope of sensation
The object of veneration
In schematic form
Her grandeur sufficiently
Manifest in mere corperality
A harlot beautiful and agreeable who
Makes use of witchcraft and other
Dangerous practices sexual in nature
In a laboratory of ritual broadcasting
Occult vibrations in her twilight language
Using the lowest passions and basest vices
To unite the shattered shards of creation
An anatomically localized vulnerability
A manifestation of fateful loins
An incarnational carnal theology
Involving subjacent anatomical events
Reactive to the forms beneath
An instinctual phallic tumescence
The starring role of the sexual organ
In redemptive history
Mating with the goddess opens the gate
The climax of the unitive mystic experience
An unholy practice designed to exalt humanity
In another line of evolution Banshee Goddess
Dressed in red standing at the The Outer Gateway
The reflection of a real universe beyond our own
A portion neither past nor future the great divide
That separates us from true knowledge the nature
Of mind within the natural increase of disorder
The microscopic agitation of molecules a strong
Stellar or astral component in what appears to be
A psycho-sexual or biochemical process by which
Cogency becomes scarce that lyric moment when
She raises her skirt and all reason flees

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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