By Little Fawn Lake Things Take a Turn


By little Fawn Lake things take a turn
Down fall all we through holes
Snagged by twisting time vines
Desire changing the manifest station
In a dizzying static transformation of skin
That corpse-like tart
Picked up on Hennepin
Indulging her appetites
Without the slightest shame
A beautiful fishwife
Displaying her naked graces
In the grimy air
The influence of a campus cult
On the elegant cheese woman
Ineluctably white about the gills
The lady on the bench
Like an opened piano
The present of the future
The understanding of these beings brought
Face to face with their own metaphoricity
We are what we are going to do
The multiplicity of our shared incidents
Allows me the the opportunity to know
The fixity of this outright stare
Volitional and heuristic
Its sign and character apparently
Educated into incomprehension
Degraded by centripetal force
Entropy never decreases
What emerges from peculiarity
A channel through which we can
Surpass temporality
A collection of relations and
Events and patterns within
The incoming information
Mediating between past and
Future events
Jump into the cut of
The ectoplasmic fold
Snort lines of inquiry
I’m beginning
To swing for it all
A hanged man digging the
Calligraphy of rope and shadow

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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