Suburban Relapse

suburban relapse

The gift of my affliction
Is well matched in the
Padded room of this asylum
The debased unclean mystic
Shouting for fun
A woman of song and bloody rites
A gibbering maniac to the end
In the damp air of adolescent angst
Here follows language
Various vain repetitions
With no attempt at parley
You’re not accepting my premise
The return of the repressed liminal
The most abject and monstrous over
Determined figure of alterity contestation
Disruption subsidence and erosion
The bawling constellation of vomit
Power plants cockroaches things both
Terrible and true one of perceptions
Manifold illusions the behavior of
Gravity in extreme environments
Mass electrical charges and angular
Momentum a light ray headed toward
The infinite forbidden features come
Again focus I’m trying to learn

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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