Almost Anything


The Gateway Clipper puttering around the Point the only other passenger an institutional looking woman in a maroon blazer and maroon skirt slugging down a glass full of maroon liquid at the maroon full service bar
The boat slips a watery arc to small dock with unlikely precision The woman doesn’t even look up as the gangplank falls I pick up my book bag swaying to the raw bank followed by the rip of the boat whistle
And follow the path of jigsaw flagstones from the bramble slope to the edge of a paved street the abandoned Mobil station on the corner plywood over the windows her father’s property
A copper Mercury Cougar parked discreetly in the back which means she’s already here
My fist on the rusty door and yes yes Janis presents herself immaculate Munch moon shine on ice the bracing draught of her
A scratch of light transferred to candles peppermint schnapps and whatever else we can get and with her parents that’s almost anything my most any thing — bloodline coming home white ankle jeans strand of pearls very fine hair kitten heel sandals one and three-quarter packs of cigarettes 20 pieces of bubblegum donuts and coffee with cream and sugar hot dog Reuben sandwich potato chips diet Coke and dessert who else would put a fitted sheet on this old mattress playing the please let me game

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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