An Event Horizon With Electromagnetic Implications

The glittering tyrant a frivolous Russian temptress
Setting the parameters in an oversize leather jacket,
Half-laced army boots and a more than respectable amount of cleavage
Leading us into the blind and crumbling house for
A fumbling night of oral sex and mutual masturbation
All sorts of despicable activities
A faint sense of artificial emotion and dried blood
I feel your panic succumbing to the desires of this deranged woman
Nice day for good everyone! Happy a good time!
She says a rash & idiotic assertion

the rencounter

the transplantation of sentiments between
a demon shadow and a defective device

a strange unearthly beauty
both endearing and corrupt

The poles of inaccessibility inferred from distorted space-time: a small sharp fowl knife, a lambent flame – there are hundreds of ways by which recognition established itself, elusive complexity is the defining order, it’s like what is she looking at or who…

I’m afraid we’ve had the best of the day

Death Valley knows no trespassers
and it’s very squally in the bay


the white umbrella the cosmic goddess the pylon on which to moor the memory from the future marooned

many circles strange and bizarre circles in the bower of Frick Park

if she’s got some notion of the kind she’s just going through a flaky period like some maniac unevenly flashing down a surveillance detection route

they fear man intently but without emotion it isn’t a balanced destruction of thought but less happily placed and not conducive to a sense of security

Security Check in Area C

imagery of violent fracturing familiar scraps and unfamiliar forms mingled alarms and amusements the interplay of contending energies intimate with the Land Girl in the shed the movement symbolized acceptance and this shook routine all the meaning and all the point

Armed with such cheery thoughts
Doc sought out girls illuminated by madness

Upscale shit is going on here
under the pixie hood

A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion

Here’s a depiction and it feels like this — in order of operation — eager for experience, the Earl of Nobody a hunched over recluse often contagious in his pacific aspect whose shape did not increase his utility, clutches your prom picture, sacred sculpted divine definition, form that exceeds use with an idea about that object fused into a new union beyond functionality in alien marriage treated as abandoned.

A Dark Time

both moving and pathetic and in its terrible way unfortunate a soft susurrant hag ridden echo

a new language of belligerent purposelessness

an art of deadpan irony and subversive absurdity now with new and sharper alienations which remove the desire to die and is guaranteed to plunge you into certain deliriums and a disorienting hallucinogenic playground

the unruly times

an electrifying torturous sensation swept through him she was watching him with an expression that excited him to fulfill her warped need a sex experience where only the enemy is armed

a pure data patch strongly aroused competitive commercial and uncivil when introduced into a land of uncontrolled and destructive appetites may entice latent ideas into clear consciousness

New Directions in Chaos

The rush roar and jangle
Weightless down the hills
Steady chug of traffic and
Diagonal stripes which cannot
Contain the propositional world

Welcome to Earth, Dear Aliens

I hope you’re joking
Are you really going to put on various ghastly forms
A dermatologist in Chicago asked
If it’s safe to eat human hair
The operator of a food truck in Florida
Self-preserving at her core
A narrative designer interpreting things
Agitated and out of place
Amongst all the criminal lewdness

God Bolt

with the easy telepathy of the stoned

Twisting and untwisting
Coiling and uncoiling
Binding and freeing
Her serpentine hair

unable to reliability sense the tell
tale tread of a highly exercised
female pleasure not far from fear
non-machinable nestled settled
into her bra like a ballerina’s heel
into a slipper how you carry on
not one to speculate about nutso
fucks what it did to her figure why
the big stall a fetching example she
exhibited a collage incorporating a
nude picture of herself and the die
was cast a saucy goard I wouldn’t
mind tapping that overripe melon
that perfect jade

the mysterious skin of picture day jessica
sister grave-bait whose sculpted body appears
to be made of pearl or enamel the mask-like
face ornamented with elaborate flowers and
jewelry the goddess of spring and a figure of
questionable morals more pure for having been
defiled a suborner of evidence how mad cap
subduing her own particular band of impatience
a remote gravity that was very nearly formidable

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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