Cry Blood

This is what you might call a classic case
Element after element of mystery It’s juicy
Wheels behind wheels a matter of vital interest
She had been an honor student she had been very
Popular and she had been physically matured
Slim knees and the long smooth line of her calves
The skirt stretched tightly the striking of a cobra Well
That’s out of my line I can say one thing with certainty
Every move she makes is calculated to let you know
How well stacked she is everything is yes and no
Where sex is concerned she could be a star performer
She could let herself go and have a hell of a good time
She spun through my mind in a crazy kaleidoscope
Of depraved patterns and in the vortex of it all
Causing it all was the woman before me so
Numbed that I could not understand why
You and all your talk of love and all you want to
Do is paw my body grasping at straws, eh?
Under the seat of my truck there’s a little paper bag
That’s where I keep her bra
We sex deviates are that way you know
And won’t be hindered until they put
Me in the gas chamber the instrument
Used by justice to help ease my way
Back to the normalcy of all things


This poem is based on material from the novel “Cry Blood” by H. Vernor Dixon

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memory documentation and manipulation
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