Come share thy boon with me I’ve taken quite a notion to you
Let’s have a dinner date with the hyper-vivid amidst their
 Peculiarly alarming chaos slip the moorings of polite society
And join the identity parade in its own squalid surroundings
Approach the weather beaten frames unpainted and rotting
Here anything not impossible is bound to happen
The abstractions and pleasures of the Golden Calf
The tightrope life a race between corruption and revelation
Seeking a fusion of the erotic and the sublime playing out
Within this swampy house the lowest region of all matter
Figures feasting in a shadowy cave embracing with a great
Talent for deviation untrammeled by conventional mores
Ritual sexual intercourse as part of a higher mysticism
A central sense of holiness an unconstrained experiment
Held independently of any substantial historical evidence
Amid fevered strokings and sure undulations the agitated
Thrust cajoling all into acceptance of their fun
Sexuality is textuality: It is through our desires
That we read the world as it befalls us specifically
You lying on a blanket on the kitchen linoleum
Surrounded by tea lights in the shape of a heart
A physiological metaphor of uncertain identity
Your nubility in a jade enclosure
Where spirit illumination accumulates
Uniting heaven and earth beyond
The scope of this study

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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