The World Famous Heaven Unlocking Malfunction


Her readiness to seek stranger shores
A certain gift for finding herself
Somewhere she doesn’t want to go
Slipping her cog in the trysting place
Where the desperate bourgeois sip coffee
The little prophetess acting in a manner as
To be offensive to the general public
Twisting in moody disdain
Her tripping youth spells witchery
Undecipherable at least untranslatable
Her disquieting availability a normative
Male fantasy of the female body on display
American Woman as object of consumption
The world famous heaven unlocking malfunction
In perception the cosmosexual viewpoint taking
Lush definition beneath her red jersey sweater
There’s irony but also quite a bit of pride in
Her pose as she cups her hands around her
Eyes to peer through the window a chilling
Fury from the future playing a murky role in this
Grim chaos world of high velocities and low morals
Her heaven penetrating stare seeing no forgiveness
for unconfessed sins

And yet also a hypnotic spirit compelling
Humanity to the other side of the abyss
How easily worlds are crossed with certain
Mystical twistings and gesticulations of
Her fingers embracing motion an instant
Of universal dynamic consciousness levels
Of mind beyond beyond human rationality
Yet contained in her present experience
Using her senses as a means of sacrificing
To the Goddess a mechanism for transmission
Of energy and essence becoming substance
Released by the biological fury of adolescence
In an intoxicating moment was was time slowing
Slowing with the eruption of seconds into eternity
Recrimination resolving into something unmanagable
A peculiar blend of abstraction and mythology
The message of an alien god certain sounds
Certain names certain places inspiring her
Immense and fire stealing purpose
A reconciliation of those informing patterns
Potentiating the forces of an impure universe
An inflection point in an unrighteous situation
An oppositional ancient hidden stellar gnosis
And psychic pathology feverish intentions
A woman of the apocalypse her ghost
Shadow dancing

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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