Behind the mansion that’s no longer there
A heavenly rock cave enclosing the ruins of a pool building
A spherical shell that defines
An absolute standard of rest in the universe
Delineating the point of no return
Whose wet aspect enables manifestation
The thing out of nothing

And here she is watching
The primal mother of all ongoing conception
The pattern in the mind
Looking extremely three dimensional
Rooted in nature and nobody’s thing
A languid Egeria dictating wisdom
The strap of her damp dress
Falling from ivory shoulder

Raining sensation because she gets a kick out of it
Her serpentine melody what a gift the figurations she
Comes up with to fill the silence collapsing metaphor
And everything better fall into that place

Her evasions presaging the revolt of all matter
Statistically predictable but individually incomprehensible
A small deviation from calculated expectation
Covered with the dark fingerprints of a capricious being

What’s the matter she says It’s unfair isn’t it
I’d hate it if you were to take an unreasonable attitude
Don’t you understand these updates help protect you
If you men play this card perils and pollutions can only result

On the brink of a crisis in the midst of acceleration
She comes forward with this diagnosis of extinction
Urges urgent generation/transmission/distribution

This isn’t a fresh verdict but I understand your reluctance
It can only prove counter-productive for our relationship
As all events are determined by prior states

No yes but
The narrative of her strange
Personal visitation seems to herald
Whatever approaches there are warnings
And affectionate little murmurings
Brain gone wrong darkness moving
What’s to pay when the here and now disappear
Within an elusive and contradictory goddess

The earth apneic and exhibiting
Signs of multiple trauma
The bloodletting event moving
From the ocean to the streets
Splintering water and rising bones
How decay develops the mechanism
Of our decline and dissolution
A dynamic occurrence with so many
Different scenarios all breaching continuity

The hangman’s knot tightening without pity
Then shows over at house zero
Long story short if she does it

She does

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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