Beneath the Monkey Bridge


The lurching lady lingering there by the hedgerow
Flinging herself in bare armed beauty with
The look and gesture of a raging bacchanal
Precocious and promising pontificating unintelligibly
Possessing the fascination of a chancred flower
Cleo de Merode Princess Leda Amun Ra
A cruel and carnivorous girlfriend objectifying desire
A potlatch object a ruthless alien species
Might just be the thing to qualify this gloom
Buzzing in the teeming hive that is my head
A way to avoid abandoning all once and for all
A dubious gift well met healthy if not beautiful
Quite aware of her dewiness an obstinate twist
Afraid of things in general merely being in the flesh
Seems to participate in her confusion with devious wit
And the absolutism of reckless initiative insistent need
I initiate disseminating artful appeals to her sensuality
Thanks for stopping by let’s appreciate every moment
Of this holiday season let’s create memories evergreen
And similar French compliments That sounds super
Interesting she says but I may need to impose on you
A mournful transaction becomes an open invitation
We find a location near us in the abandoned car
Beneath the Monkey Bridge certified business location
What with the mud power lines full moon

Brushing the bugs off her legs a certain contingency
The involutions of her drapery a blue clue due
To the curve of her content a treasure chest
Of the true riches of salvation the hard lick club
Confronting breasts one button at a time
Convex sunglass nipples the eyes of her body
Hand games and flowing sleeves hem humming
Like a ghost being killed her Cleopatra grip
Threatening a spill of little swimmers from the void
Furthering the ultimate aspirations of humanity
Massive ordnance penetrator the body correlative attracting
Simultaneous and continuous acts of perception
By an incredible score but that’s all part of the fun
Plunging the seminal muscle into her merits and demerits
List close my scholars dear do not be decoyed elsewhere
Fragment glazed composition very soft white
All of this will come to a brilliant end in a very raw space
We become even more intimately aware
The merge at last the chants resume a momentary utopia
With an antic gesture groping in the vacancy made
A few more voluntary movements
Fructified into the seed
That is sown into the eternity boned
Wow just wow
The urban orgasm from which all aspects of the city

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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