Not Necessarily Normative


A twilight maiden with

The commencing fascination of

A serpent uniquely disturbing

An incompletely socialized

Schizoid presence with a pretty

Evident vein of madness and

Rather vague notions of decency

Not necessarily normative nor

Lacking  a demonic dimension

Pure nightmare fuel

Dubious and distasteful

But she broadens the way

I see normality

Maintaining her cruel serenity

Amidst all the hectic vexation

Of her extremely troubled past

As the distaff member

Of the originating couple

Who took the fall

Well familiar with the probe

Her laughter as forced

As a studio audience’s

A disorganizing influence

Wandering and unfathomable

Almost bereft of reason but

Possessing some infernal secret

Well worth knowing within

The resurrections of her memory

That dense identity the true

Instrument of our compression

It may be a freak of hers

Whatever clusterfuck

She’s gotten herself into

The mad marbles careening

In her brainbox exploiting

The prevailing cosmic dread

Gleaning the earth’s wreck

Sticking a fork in causality

With the turbulent voluptuous

Flow of a deep game

Taking place in the trailer

Behind the car lot

Where the perverts gather

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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