Quote Bag: Spreading the Mystery


But if these experiences have ever happened to you, I’m sure you have come to the same conclusion about them as I. You know what you heard and you know what you saw, and you no more doubt the validity of your experience than you doubt the existence of the sunrise. A great change has occurred in you, and the change lies in the fact that you no longer have to convince others about your vision of the world, not of this one or the next.

– James Lee Burke


Even at his most subjective, Nerval is concerned with communication. He saw his most private dreams as gateways to an understanding of reality that lay beyond the rational world, and felt it was his duty to convey his glimpses of that reality to other men.

– Norma Rinsler


It is with fiction as with religion: it should present another world, and yet one to which we feel the tie.

– Herman Melville


It seems to me that the purposelessness, nihilism, and self-indulgence that plague much contemporary art stem in part from the loss of its original links to the sacred. By calling the rhythm back and projecting it forward , I was learning to create sacred art.


– Layne Redmond


Every man has his own special secret. Many men die without having discovered it, and they will not discover it because when they are dead, neither they nor their secret will remain. I died, and I have risen from the dead with the key to the jeweled treasure of my last spiritual casket. Now I shall open it far from all borrowed inspiration, and its mystery will spread through the most beautiful of heavens.

– Stephane Mallarme

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