Quote Bag: The Flesh of Our Youth

When a man sees a woman deserving of erotic attentions, he at once begins to desire her with his whole heart. Then, the more he thinks of it, the more he feels himself imbued with love until he reconstructs her entirely in phantasy. Then he begins to think of her figure, he perceives her limbs, imagines them in action and explores the private parts of her body.

– Andreas Capellanus


How can it be that so large a woman has been able to penetrate my eyes, which are so small, and then enter my heart and brain?

– Giacomo da Lentino


That man can think soul is a great strange wonderful thing

– Gregory Corso


What is it about reality that enables objectivity and subjectivity to coincide in the sensuous image?

– Allan Janik


We needn’t be sick in mind, or believe in God,

To love the flesh of our youth

– Robert Lowell


One night almost say that, for him, sensuality an philosophical thought were inextricably linked – the physical and mental manifestations of passionate arousal.

– Ray Monk


In the garden of poetry there is no forbidden fruit.

– Victor Hugo


I believe the mission of art is the mission of love.

– George Sand


But Mediterranean was what you could call horny, tho that is too crude an explanation for what she was experiencing – a kaleidoscope of feelings stemming from her deepest artistic, political and spiritual urges. And the outlet she sought for these tumultuous feelings was sexual, the perfect knowing that life and its meaning can be contained in one orgasm.

– Cypress

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