from Snow by Stanislaw Przybyszewski



Listen, Eva! You must leave this house. Let us stop playing with dots and dashes and unspoken words. You know what a power you once had over me. Snow, soft white snow has covered all the memories and all pain and all the torment and all the struggles, but if the snow should melt…



Such happens to be the destiny of man. When this terrible mad desire for something beyond yourself begins to gnaw and tear at you, when no happiness and no joy can any longer fill your soul, when nothing can master the unrest within, or subdue the mad storm which drives you into this agonizing flight from yourself and the rest of the world, out beyond even the greatest crimes – then it must be thus.



Eva is Willy’s yearning. Perhaps she doesn’t even see her or feel her presence when she is with him, but it is as if she had taken possession of him, as if she were driving him into a wild flight and scourging him to inaccessible heights or into bottomless depths.


And this mad pursuit for what – for what?


No one knows, no human brain has ever understood it, nor ever will

(There is silence)



The light of some star or other awakens us to life and it wanders and wanders, unknowing of its own destiny and that of the human beings upon whom it poured its blessing when they came upon this world.

And then this same light returns, after many, many years, to annihilate and destroy this same life which it created.



hey, can you believe I’m taking off again? this time to drive my daughter to Wisconsin…hopefully it’s far enough that she won’t find her way back this time…see ya tuesday…

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