(Then We Will Remember) Graduation Day

Well, my daughter has graduated from high school, which is why I missed my blog yesterday. Hopefully most of you have survived the crushing disappointment. I’m still recovering from the graduation party (not the partying, but the setting up and tearing down) as was as the continuing draining presence of my closest living relative but I do have a few gems from notes I jotted down during the marathon ceremony.

Here’s a phrase of wisdom from the class president, who was no advertisement for the excellence of the English department:

We will remember the successes we have endured.


And, I know it’s immature, but as I listened to the over 630 names as they were being called out I couldn’t help having a few of them hit my ear in a tingly way:


Claire E. Eisentrout

Miriam Elynn Weaverdyck

China Whitehead


Anyway congratulations to all…

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2 Responses to (Then We Will Remember) Graduation Day

  1. Stella says:

    Well, congrats on successful fledge-manship. Man are we old.

  2. Nigel says:

    "We will remember the successes we have endured."That’s lovely. Like Lincoln with a closed head injury.

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