Quote Bag: Shoe Leather Revelation


He who has thought deeply

Loves what is most vital;

He who has looked into the world

Understands the nobility of youth,

And wise men often incline

Toward the beautiful at the last

– Friedrich Holderlin


The only revenge left for you then will be to steal from life the pleasure of firm and passionate flesh – a pleasure that evaporates faster than good intentions and is the nearest thing to heaven you will find in this stinking world where everything decays, beginning with beauty and ending with memory.

– Carlos Ruiz Zafon


You are ever youthful

Your body is adorned with ornaments

You form the waves of the ocean of erotic love

You are ever ready to show your grace to all devotees

Your hair is braided with jasmine

Your body is as tender as a creeper

– Sama Veda


The house dress she wore was very plain, but cut tight across her chest, and when she walked it all twisted into glamorous shapes.

Some things are meant only to be fevers in the brain.

– Megan Abbott


Whoever clasps a serpent to himself

Is confronted with shadow

– Ludwig Tieck


Lottie walks round. She has a look at me an’ she laughs.

"Ain’t you the big mug?" she says. "Didn’t they tell you that dames sometimes has a gun in their handbag? Have a piece of shoe, honey!"

She steps back and kicks me in the face. I don’t know whether you’ve ever been kicked in the face by a dame, but high heels can hurt considerable.

– Peter Cheyney


But seriously for a moment, the flesh must be dealt with but not through any of the silly techniques provided by the current religions. And it must not be mastered on moral grounds, but simply on the functional grounds of wanting to be more than human. Lastly, in order for it to be mastered, it must first be fulfilled and respected; no repression, no denial, no punishment, no nonsense.

In other words, there is nothing in man, absolutely nothing, which cannot be used in order to further the Great Work, to further his own psycho-spiritual development into an integrated, illuminated human being.

– Israel Regardie



Day by day, I become more aware that everything holds together in a much more personal and infinitely more vivid way than we could imagine.

– Schelling


The absolute, seen by philosophers of preceding centuries as in a transcendent hereafter far away from us, becomes real in the consciousness of man, in the mind conscious of itself, in the self.

– Ernst Benz


Revelation happens by degrees until the moment when it reaches us.

– J .A. Bengel

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