Whew – my nerves still haven’t quite recovered from the Super Bowl. Everyone knows I’m a die hard Steelers fan and I almost lived up to that appellation by passing away from stress. But in the end my team once again proved themselves true champions for a record breaking sixth time. On the biggest stage in the world they demonstrated courage, humility, perseverance, teamwork, courage, grace under pressure and all of the classic attributes of, well, heroes. The Cardinals showed a lot more than I expected, and I have to give them credit for almost living up to the media hype, but in the end they went down for the count like the opponent in a Rocky sequel and old Kurt Warner is going to have to pick up his bible and preach somewhere other than Disney World this year. His counterpart Big Ben isn’t getting the credit he deserved for his incredible, mythic Joe Montana-like drive to win the game, something he’s already done many times in his brief career. Believe me, in a few years afficionados will speak of that achievement in the hushed, reverential tones it merits. I also give kudos to the amazing James Harrison and my son’s favorite, ex-Wolverine LaMarr Woodley for their triple guts prowess.

Although the hipocracy likes to put down football, if you think about it the Super Bowl is an absolutely amazing event. All those camps, exhibitions, practices and games followed by a single elimination tournament resolve themselves in one contest that decides everything and NOONE can script it, predict it, anticipate it or even completely escape it. The Super Bowl in a uniquely American unreproducible happening and all you can do, like any great performance, is experience it. And thanks to the great folks at Anthco I did.

Fantastic job Pittsburgh Steelers. Enjoy it and I’ll try not to start worrying about Lombardi trophy number seven for a month or so.

(I’m sure the Post Gazette doesn’t need me sending traffic their way, but if you missed it this is a very good article about the Steelers and the Steeler nation.)

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2 Responses to STEELERS RULE! (again)

  1. Gregorio says:

    Does your Keep America Drug Free stance cause you to non-kudo Mr. Holmes or is it merely your deep-seated anti-Buckeye bigotry? Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

  2. UBU says:

    Man, some guys do get grouchy on colonoscopy day. Hope everything worked out in the end, Greg.

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