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UBU: Silent Running

  Hey, don’t fret true believer but ole UBU is going to be hitting the road, silent running with NO RADIO CONTACT for about a week – the longest I’ve been out of this burg since we moved here… For … Continue reading

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Heart Shaped Note

  I leave my job in the parking lot (we’re never busy anyway) to sneak a quick lunch with Rowe. She’s very depressed, in worse shape than I’ve ever seen her, down and bedraggled, very glad I’ve come to support … Continue reading

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Crime Beat: Mysteries of Ypsilanti

  Police use Taser in bizarre incident Ypsilanti Police used a Taser to subdue a 24-year-old Ypsilanti man who grabbed a woman during a bizarre incident early this morning in the 600 block of Armstrong Court. Ypsilanti Police Sgt. Deric … Continue reading

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  I was extremely apprehensive Thursday night for the Palen/Biden debate. My emotional state was really most like my feelings before a Steeler playoff game. The difference between a football game and debate, however, is that at the end of … Continue reading

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The POD People Are Back In Large Numbers

  Man, I’m a little freaked out by the proliferation of “lightning source,” a.k.a. print on demand (POD) or what used to be known as vanity press books. There are more and more every month, and there are probably more … Continue reading

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