The POD People Are Back In Large Numbers


Man, I’m a little freaked out by the proliferation of “lightning source,” a.k.a. print on demand (POD) or what used to be known as vanity press books. There are more and more every month, and there are probably more people self-publishing books than reading them. Although a teeny-tiny percentage of these “authors” break through, it’s something of a racket, and these publishers, along with the MFA programs, costly writers workshops and editors for hire exploit the apparently universal desire among people to become published authors. Not that UBU’s any different, but I would NEVER pay some outfit to have my stuff published then pulped. I get inquires from these authors and “publishers” all the time to carry their ugly books or to give the authors a signing and they go straight to the garbage can. I’ve read some examples of POD writing, and let me tell you, there’s usually an obvious reason that no real publisher will print them. Maybe these November examples add significantly to the majesty of the written word – you be the judge – but to me they seem a little, well, bizzaro! (In the interest of accuracy I’ll point out that some of these are from micro publishers who actually pay their authors.)

Cattle Drive Administration by John L. Castleman (Authors’ Discovery Cooperation)

A College level satire on management, leadership, educational administration, supervision, and interpersonal relations, these resources are loaded with entertainment and cowboy music. 164 pp. Paper $19.95 (Study Aids/College Guides, Business & Economics/Leadership, Disciplines/Linguistics)


BiC’s Baptism

by Robin K. Khoury (Little Light Press)

Every time BiC (Babe in Christ) thinks about baptism, his tummy tickles just like he is on a roller coaster. He doesn’t see why he should have to, and he is also afraid. Can Disciple Dan, Mr. Owl, the Old Lady in the Funny Hat and Pastor Windy help BiC learn what baptism means? Can BiC learn to trust God with his fears?

Baptism is presented from a mainline evangelical point of view and is shown by immersion. BiC’s baptism does not depict infant baptism. The character BiC is shown as a baby to symbolize the fact that he is a baby in Christ. 32 pp. Paper $12.95 (Juvenile Fiction/Religious/Christian)


Condor One by John Simpson (Dreamspinner Press)

A gay president and his top Secret Service agent realize they must find a way to balance their roles and personal relationship before stress and responsibility tear the two men apart. 212 pp. Paper $11.99 (Fiction/Erotica/Gay, Fiction/Political)



by David Barnett (Immanion Press/Megalithica Books)

Acclaimed as an astounding debut of reality noir fiction this work asks the questions: What is the shadowy beast that roams the lonely moors? Why does a mass-produced painting leave its owners horribly dead? Why does noone speak of the lost girls living on a small island in the middle of the duck pond? 304 pp. Paper $20.99 (Fiction/Fantasy/Dark Horror/Duck Ponds)


The Millionth Moon by W. Edmund Hood (Llumina Press)

An orphan girl struggles to understand the life around her. A local butcher wants to kill her, and she doesn’t know why. She doesn’t know where the kids who come to play with her live, or who takes care of them. Then there are the Star People and this Mr. Lucifer person. She can’t understand what all this has to do with her and some prophecy about the Millionth Moon. 272 pp. Paper $14.95 (Fiction/General)


Computer Worship & Pod Dragons in Rune County

by K.L. Raines (

A fantastic abundance of things float from the pink sky of Rune County: silicon chips and Motherboards, floppies in containers, passwords, and packages of seeds that sprout. Reincarnated nerdy pod dragons are on a mission to study the Brainfill world. 48 pp. Paper $12.00 (Computers /General, Humor / General, Comics & Graphic Novels /General, Body, Mind & Spirit / Reference)


The Radical Critique of Liberalism: In Memory of A Vision

by Toula Nicolacopoulos (Re.Press)

Working through the theories of prominent liberal theorists, the author demonstrates that an adequate appreciation of the deep structural flaws of liberal theory presupposes the application of critical reconstructionism. 292 pp. $40.00 ( Philosophy/Political, Political Science/ Political Ideologies | Conservatism & Liberalism, Political Science/ History & Theory/Radical Thought)


Player’s Handbook Vol. 3: Make Her Squirt! a Quick and Dirty Guide to Female Ejaculation and Extended Orgasm

by Tommy Orlando (Secret Life Publishing)

Orlando offers a guide for helping women reach powerful sexual releases. 88 pp. Paper $9.95 (Self-Help/ Sexual Instruction, Family & Relationships/Love & Romance, Psychology/Human Sexuality)


And I haven’t even included my favorite author names like Sip Sip, The Literary Artist, Squire Babcock, Thurston Comstock, Myrna Fay Flick, Katanga A. Bongo, Jason A. Dingus, John P. Cock and Venom Patton or characters such as Gustaf Hissler, Adolf Hitler’s doppelganger. But despite that noir duck pond, the following HAS to be the most terrifying vision conjured up by the POD people this month:




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