Ember Days


This poem was inspired by Night Battles: Witchcraft and Agrarian Cults in the 16th and 17th Centuries by Carlo Ginzburg



Ember Days


There are women

Who during the Ember Days

Go out of their senses travel

On strange nocturnal journeys

Compelled to wander until

Their allotted time has elapsed


They congregate on Thursdays

Dreaming abandoning their bodies

Their spirits fly over the woods

In nocturnal cavalcades

The wild hunt shrieking

Through fields of pastured animals

To the briar patches of Mount Venus

The meadow of the Madonna

The circle in the swamp

Under the legendary walnut tree



They worship the Mistress of the Game

A certain woman called the Abbess

The Sorceress The Charmer seated

In majesty on the edge of the well

Filled with water reflecting

A multi formed female deity

Arboreal and vegetal goddess

Abundia Satia Diana Perchta


After they have knelt

The witches play other games

In this or that

Perhaps very distant place

Meeting their companions in

A riot of banquets and dances

Feasting and philandering

Indulging in leaping orgies to

Ensure the fertility of the fields


Come with me and

The witches to the dance

Come in spirit to the parade

Come and join the nuptials

Where we will eat sweets

Sport dishonestly dance

Feast love dissipating

In the center of the world


Hearing all the music

That can possibly be heard

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