Is it just me or do some of these Print On Demand (formerly known as Vanity Press) titles I’ve picked out sound, well, SERIOUSLY WEIRD?


Angelic Cravings by Crymsyn R. Hart (Cacoethes Publishing House)

The Angel of Death has tried to steer Brenna through the nightmare her life has turned into, but she wants nothing to do with him, even though they are soul mates. Before she can tell him that, she discovers a vampire serial killer is murdering witches, and her staff is the next target. 308 pp. (Romance)


The Einstein Sisters Bag the Flying Monkeys

by Irving Wesley Hall (Not in Kansas Press)

This political satire is set 13 days before the 2000 election in Florida. Can Albert Einstein’s three brilliant great-great-granddaughters save America from an eight-year-long catastrophe if George Bush steals the presidency? 628 pp. (Fiction)


Raid on Rairarubia

by W. Royce Adams (Rairarubia Books)

Seeking revenge for the death of her wicked sister Janu, the deceitful Jenuaq Zenu attempts to seize control of the magical realm of Rairarubia by making clones of Queen Romey and her consort, Sam, and trying to substitute her evil creations for the rightful rulers. 148 pp. (Fantasy)


Treasure: Raised by Wolves, Vol. Three

by W. A. Hoffman (Alien Perspective)

Will, a disenchanted English lord, and his beloved matelot/partner, Gaston, an exiled Frenchman, ponder the true definition of sanity and the necessity of compromise in the name of love while contending with the arrival of Gaston’s father, their potential inheritances, and unwanted brides. 568 pp. (Adult Fiction)


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1 Response to The POD People WEIRD OUT

  1. Stella says:

    Crymsyn Hart is such a stripper name.

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