Quote Bag: Picking Flowers


Do not all the achievements of a poet’s predecessors and contemporaries rightfully belong to him? Why should he shrink from picking flowers where he finds them? Only by making the riches of others our own do we bring anything great into being.

– Goethe


Give us the teachings of his majesty, we don’t want no devil philosophy.

– Bob Marley


A revelation, faster than thought and too fast for him to grasp it properly, flashed through his mind, leaving in its wake a dull sense, rapidly fading, that ‘time’ is nothing more than a fiendish comedy, which an all powerful, invisible enemy conjures up in the human brain.

– Gustav Meyrink


America’s enormous technology is marvelously adept at making the tool, and is incompetent at providing the purpose.

– Loren Baritz


All state education is a sort of dynamo machine for polarizing the popular mind, for turning and holding its lines of force in the direction supposed to be most effective for state purposes.

– Henry Adams


When they were no longer able to make poetry, they devised rules for it.

– Heinrich von Kleist


It is dangerous to desire to be virtuous in a corrupt century.

– De Sade


The falsification of everything has been shown to be one of the characteristic features of our period.

– Rene Guenon


If someone calls you an artist that’s a compliment. If you call yourself an artist you’re in trouble.

– Waylon Jennings


Faith is to the thoughtless, doubt to the thinker.

– Melville


Although I have never understood it, her decision was understandable.

– Suzanne Berne

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