Razor point II


Razor Point II

Redwing sweatshirt green rain slicker
But not a sincerely ironic rugby shirt
Muttering over some tear or stain
War Story Science Fiction Mental Illness
All in one (relatively) thin ponytailed volume
All of them insufficient models of reality
Legs out on another chair battered Nikes
Holding her pen oddly with ring finger
A puzzle without preconceived solution
A telegraphic schizophrenic tale another
Angle on the relationship between fact and fiction
Her profile a silhouette from Henry James
Both always fiddling for attention – she succeeds
I was thinking as I crossed the bridge even the river
Here has a history a manner of combining facts
She is just a single version of that history
I see the aspect in which I have an interest
Sitting Indian style points out her significance
Involuntary memory the only real connection
Phrases real images pop up again and again
Yellow legal tablet coiled on her desk as
She dashes epigram glances at my head
Establishing a provisional plot around us
Presupposing a different sense of reality
Trying to construct a world from
Two characters in a classroom


About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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