Readers Write: From Stella

2 things-
I freaking love Angel From Montgomery.
2nd Can you possibly clarify something for me? For years I’ve been trying to get hold of a copy of the song Permafrost. But I always thought it was done by Celtic Frost. So when I would check out Celtic Frost stuff I would think "man this doesn’t sound right (genrewise) at all". So is my problem that it was done by Magazine all along? Or is theirs a cover?
There was a whole lot of drinking happening at that time in my life so I’m apparently quite confused.

PS you, me, Oliver and Nigel Patel should have a radio show.


Hey, Stella,

I have to say that back in the day I didn’t think much of Bonnie Raitt. There was that kind of Little Feat/ Dead loping shuffle beat to a lot of her stuff that I just don’t get. I remember my friends all bouncing around the room to Home Plate while I sat on the sofa saying I Can’t Dance to this Crap! I dug her undeniably fine guitar stylings but that was about it.

However, I got this old yearbook and found out that one of my Major Muses who graduated a year after me (and who is dead now, but that’s another story) had used a line from Angel From Montgomery as her quote. (Actually a misquote as she had Believe me this livin’ is just a hard way to go rather than To believe in this livin’ is just a hard way to go.) So I I-tuned it and was knocked out. My wife is a big John Prine fan while I’ve never been able to get past his annoying voice, but I have to admit this is one superbly written song. As you can see I’ve got three different versions on my UBUTUNES shuffle and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. It says something about her character that this eighteen year old girl would use such a world weary song from the point of view of an old woman as her quote, but that’s another story too, one that I’ve been writing for a while.

Being a punkster I was more into stuff like the Buzzcock’s Spiral Scratch and the myth of Howard Devoto. I remember the first Magazine LP quite well, but I guess I lost touch after I graduated. I first heard Permafrost off this weird goth/punk/alternative compilation called Echoes of Darkness that I got at the library sale about five years ago. I really dug it at the time, despite its unsettling nature, and lately it’s been going through my head as I walk to work (considering the weather there’s no mystery there), and I put it back in heavy shuffle rotation. As far as I know Devoto wrote it and a quick google shows doesn’t reveal any tune by that name on a Celtic Frost, (who I thought were Fairport Convention type group!) LP. Here’s a fine YouTube live clip of it:

It’s funny you should mention radio shows because I was on the radio in college and it is probably the thing I miss most. I even had a dream about it last night where I was back at the station to do a show and was trying to figure out how to use CD’s on the air. I worked very closely with an English guy named Johnny Vomit (though the later to be famous Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson tried to claim he had a fake accent!) to bring Punk Rock to central Ohio every Thursday night, as well as doing a quite wasted Saturday night Rock’n’Roll show. I even did a morning wake up, but between the hangovers and the housewives calling up complaining that they couldn’t vacuum to Iggy I soon gave that up. It would be fun to do one with you guys, especially as your music knowledge, Stella, is so much broader and informed than mine – I got The Same Rope by Etta James off one of your earworms!


Yr Pal,



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1 Response to Readers Write: From Stella

  1. Stella says:

    If I can get my butt into U-M at some point here I am going to make them let me have a slot at WCBN. When I do, the lot of us will have some serious fun. We all have these particular strengths and areas of knowledge that are potentially very complimentary. And mine may be more catholic but not necessarily more informed. Though I will admit that five semesters studying with Arwulf was a really good/helpful thing. But in the meantime I have a possibly scathingly brilliant idea which will at least have the potential to entertain a small circle. Will post it soon.

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