The Steelers Draft

Well, I don’t have a lot to say today — which is good, I guess, because nobody seems interested in hearing it any way! I was just going to point out that even though the Steelers have been one of the more successful franchises in the NFL "experts" of both the Pittsburgh barstool and New York writer kind are always sure that management don’t know what they’re doing. I read criticism of their first two draft choices (including Michigan’s LaMarr Woodley who I KNOW is a great player) because they’re better fits in a 3-4 than the Tampa Two 4-3. Since their new coach Mike Tomlin has said he’s going to stick with the 3-4 I don’t know why everyone in "the know" simply assumes he’s fibbing. Then people were steamed up they took a Tight End when that’s not a big part of their offense and they already have a great, underused Tight End, Heath Miller. So what? This guy, Matt Spaeth seems like a fantastic player, and if he was the best available why not take him? The other thing people are hot about is the Steelers trading up to draft a punter, which seems unSteelerlike. But if you can gain a few yards, or a lot by pinning the other team on their own goal line, something the Steelers haven’t been able to do lately, it’s worth it, special teams, as everyone says, being a crucial part of the game. And then there’s this piece of film which seems to suggest that Daniel Sepulveda is going to be a Steeler kind of guy:

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