Ice Sphinx

Ice Sphinx


Austral storm wild saxifrage

Island or continent

Spartan queen antarctic sphinx

A fragment of Sophia

With singular meaning

The framework of humanity

Appalling and irresistible

Grace and freedom of being

That which ignites desire

Under the action of Plutonian forces

Pertinaciously observed

The color of your words

Dim wan masses

Clangorous birds

Breasting the wind

Passing in screaming flocks

The rollers on the rocks

By that immense ocean

Of life ineffable

A rough and hollow sea

Of certainty celerity effect

Repose in movement

A rocking in a dream

Eleven years in a few words

A colossal magnet

The contact producing

This strange luminosity

Lit with shooting nerves

An electric snowstorm

Fiery rays polar aurora

The curtain of flickering vapors

Flecked with luminous dots

Huge medusas exquisitely tinted

Relucent treasure in unabated light

That limitless cataract

Lost in the vastness of the zenith

The sounding line in hand

Sometimes luffing

Sometimes square before the wind

No manifest obstacle before us

Yet crash succeeds crash

The rudder unships

Its creator forbidding desire

The crest of the summit

About ubu507

memory documentation and manipulation
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