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Stick It To The GOP

Stick It To The GOP I don’t write that much about politics here unless something enrages me beyond control – I mean everybody with half a brain can see that the Republicans and Bush have done an awful job in … Continue reading

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Bethany: Part One

From a Hypnagogic Journal: Bethany, Part One   I’m drifting, falling – then coming to with a start, bouncing up from the car seat as I’ve fallen onto it from the sky. I have that weird feeling you get when … Continue reading

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Things that are like annoying!

Things I really find, like really, you know annoying. 1. Like people who always know what day it is, and then like make fun of you because you don’t happen to be a big enough nerd to know the exact … Continue reading

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After Trakl

After Trakl   The sun’s buried In the leafless wood The moon ripples In the freezing pond   A pale man Lives in the blue crystal His cheek resting against the stars His head nodding in purple sleep   Yet, … Continue reading

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Bettie III

Bettie III   She walked in on her toes Tippy toes like a toe dancer And there was this beautiful flawless Tan body Tan all over no marks no freckles No blemishes Miss Perfection La Venus Des Mers Chaudes Miss … Continue reading

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Think what they would have done it had been a kitten!

ANNALS OF CRIME: think what they would have done if it had been a kitten! Ypsilanti woman punched by teen girl An Ypsilanti woman said she was punched in the chest Monday by a teenager who was angry that her … Continue reading

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