These Mean Streets

CRIME BEAT! Tales From These Mean Streets!


These police officers haven’t seen enough horror movies – how can they be sure the man was "delusional"? Also – how to you "attempt" to assault?

Delusional man arrested at bus depot

Ann Arbor police say a 41-year-old man who appeared highly intoxicated attempted to assault several officers Monday evening as he screamed that cannibals wanted to eat his flesh.


These people were at church (on a Saturday!) so there’s no way it could have been an inside job, O.K.?


Family returns home to naked pictures

An Ann Arbor family said they returned from church Saturday evening to discover pictures on naked men in their bathroom, city police said.

The incident occurred Saturday evening, but was not reported until Monday.

Nothing appeared to be taken from the home, but several pictures of naked men were placed ona toilet seat in the bathroom, reports said.


So let’s be damn careful out there!

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