Bethany, Part Two

Bethany, Part Two

Despite her palpable desire, her sensual hunger at moments like this, Bethany had always been a "good girl," the best of the best, a leader and example for all the other girls in my prep school. When venerable old Pitt Prep had finally broken down and admitted women my sophomore year, Bethany had been a pioneer co-ed, standing out impressively even under the intense scrutiny every one of that first handful received. She wasn’t particularly good looking, and perhaps could more realistically be called homely, but rather distinguished herself by the positivity which radiated from her, her unaffected brio and obvious enjoyment of life, and her willingness to engage with every facet of campus life without reserve.

The really appealing thing about Bethany was that she wasn’t fake good, a phoney shamming virtue to scam the adults, but was authentically good, simply an innately fine person, which was something even a premature cynic like myself could respond to.

Now you’d think that her extreme positivity would naturally conflict with my equally extreme negativity, and we certainly had our blow-ups and cold spells, but – if you think about it scientifically – it also follows that we would attract magnetically, positive to negative, and, inevitably, that happened too.

As a matter of fact it was our greatest conflict that lead to the intimacy we now know…

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