Within a Rapidly Degrading Tan Citation: QUOTE BAG

Within a Rapidly Degrading Tan Citation


Organ Sensation as a Tool of Natural Research: Quote Bag

The Tattling Harlot: A Dialogue Between Bess O’Bedlam and her Brother Tom

We are the apes who dreamed and woke still dreaming.

– Kathryn Morton

Looked upon by society as a bankrupt, I was born again in another world where no one could follow me. Things that would previously have lacked significance now attracted my attention. The dreams I had at night assumed the guise of prophecies. I thought of myself as one of the dead, passing my life in another sphere.

– August Strindberg

Ah, sir I was mad and violent. I thought to fight my way with my literature and my wit; so I disregarded all power and all authority.

– Samuel Johnson

I was going to grow up to walk in sleet in fields; didn’t know it then.

– Jack Kerouac

dada was there before dada was there.

– Hans Arp

I don’t know how radical you are, or how radical I am. I am certainly not radical enough. One can never be radical enough; that is, one must always be as radical as reality itself.

– V. I. Lenin

Reality can only partially be attacked by logic.

– Fredrich Durrenmatt

Instead, the observer who stands before a disciplined and well-proportioned Mondrian or an apparently uncontrolled Kandinsky feels that he is himself being judged by some enigmatic intelligence, some representative of a world of values to which he was a stranger. In graphic art, perceptions too radical for overt expression are embodied in non-representational elements; in modern literature they are expressed through deviations from the conventional idiom.

– Jacob Korg

The human tongue is like a cracked cauldron on which we beat out tunes to set a bear dancing when we would make the stars weep with our melodies.

– Gustave Flaubert

Those who would still be called artists, and who in advanced civilizations have not lost contact with natural sources and are the sole performers and prophets os a speech in which, periodically, the world must come to quench its thirst.

– Artaud

To understand and judge a society, one has to penetrate its basic structure to the human bond upon which it is built; this undoubtedly depends on legal relations, but also upon forms of labor, ways of loving, living and dying.

– Maurice Merleau-Ponty

I’m interested in women’s arguments with men, what else is there? The rest doesn’t amount to a row of monkeys.

– Jane Bowles

The impulse of her poetry is not confessional but visionary.

– M. D. Uroff

The emblem of Expressionism is existence; the existence of man, and at the same time the existence of the image.

– Giuseppe Gott

The essential character of life is consciousness of vision.

– Oskar Kokoschka

When imagination begins to skid out of control, so do events.

– General Alexander M. Haig, Jr.

To put it succinctly: instead of identifying with the characters, the audience should be educated to be astonished at the circumstances under which they can function.

– Walter Benjamin

The poet’s function used to be to write good poetry, now it’s to make bad jokes.

– James Agnew

It is integrity which separates art from non-art.

– Annie Dillard

Beautiful! Beautiful! Magnificent desolation!

– Buzz Aldrin

When thy mind leaves its dark forest of delusion, thou shalt go beyond the scriptures of times past and those still to come.

– Bhagavad Gita

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