Kerrytown Bookfest!!!

Here’s my short article about the bookfest for the Current magazine — god knows what the editors will do to it…


Don’t ever confuse a Book Festival with a Bookfest! While the Ann Arbor Book festival is a rather august affair backed by a passel of corporate heavy hitters, The Kerrytown Bookfest is conducted in the much more communal spirit of a bunch of kids getting together to put on a show in their backyard. But what a show! Billed as a "celebration of the art of the book," the fourth annual Fest will feature booksellers, author panels, book binders, book repair tips, book appraisals, calligraphers, kids activities, music and food.

One of the 2006 edition highlights will be the annual conclave of the International Miniature Book Society. "This will be the first time the event has ever been hosted by a book festival," says Bookfest board member Joan Knoertzer. "Members are coming from the Czech Republic, Germany, England, Canada, Russia and all over the world." Miniature books are defined as less than three inches in any dimension, and there will be numerous examples on display at the Fest, as well as presentations from the artists who create them.

This years author panels focus on genre fiction with romance, science fiction, comic art, gay and lesbian and mystery writers discussing their works. "I’m particularly pleased to have local authors of the caliber of Davy Rothbart, Loren Estleman and Beverly Jenkins on hand," says Robin Agnew, owner of Aunt Agatha’s Mystery Bookshop, who oversees author programming. "We’re also thrilled to have Jeff Mallet, whose comic strip Frazz is one of my favorites."

Another popular portion of the Fest has been the demonstrations by the Hollander’s School of Book and Paper Arts, which this year include nationally know book artists, binders and printers talking about their unique work.

For the kids there’s a children’s tent with book making, fish printing, paper making, paper marbling and storytelling as well as music provided by the Ann Arbor School of Performing Arts. And all of that is in addition to over a hundred vendors, whose wares span the book universe from rare volumes to comic books.

The Kerrytown Bookfest will take place Sunday September 10th from 11-5 PM at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market in Kerrytown. Visit for complete information.

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