Quotebag: Professor Chan Fu Speaks

Professor Chan Fu Speaks


Style is like a second cousin to class. Style is loving yourself until everyone else does too.

– Prince


I told myself that this slim personage in a white frock who wore stockings that matched her bare arms was a phenomenon of extreme rarity, and probably I was right.

– Edgar Jepson


Perhaps this was the greatest moment of his life – perhaps he had accidentally encountered the one woman in the whole of Paris with whom he could realize his own desire to escape from the boredom of conventional society.

– Anne-Marie Villefrance


An animal that had escaped from a nocturnal world: you sensed the presence of dark thoughts, night thoughts, under her blond hair.

– Sebastien Japrisot


She was unreal, alien; yet she belonged and he was the alien. She was Fiesta; something deep and strong and old under the tawdry trappings.

– Dorothy Hughes


I have often heard men say that when persons gifted with mesmeric power looked at them they felt as if they had no backs to their heads. In this case I can only say that I not only felt as if I had no back to my head, but as if I had no head at all.

– Guy Boothby


For the lifting up of mine eyes to behold a woman have I been harried these many years, and my life has been troubled forever.

– Theophile Gautier


God must have been angry with you the day He first let you look into that woman’s face.

– Cornell Woolrich


“I came along –” Ann went on, blowing smoke at him. “I came along to confuse you.”

– Geoffrey Homes


She was starting to like me, so I couldn’t bring myself to tell her she was nuts.

– James Ellroy


You have something of that art or guile – call it what you will – which passes from you through a man’s blood to his brain, and carries him indeed to Heaven – but carries him there mad.

– E. Phillips Oppenheim


What the hell, I’m only human, you know. Before we know it, we’re a couple of swinging cats and all sensible logic is left behind.

– Paul V. Russo


The rest of it was a nightmare until the Doctor came.

– Charlotte Armstrong


All the nutty people have a good time if they don’t get fresh and obstreperous. That’s the Doctor’s way.

– Edgar Wallace


In American culture, all universal sources of pleasure are eventually medicalized , then politicized and finally policed (if not prohibited): witness alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, fat, pornography, masturbation, perfume.

– Richard Klein


A place where a picture of Christ gazing skyward at an angel might hang on one wall and the eyeless face of a female corpse on the other.


– Harold Schechter

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