Quotebag: The Hi-Fli Discotheque

Quotebag: The Hi-Fli Discotheque


I cannot pretend that I was attracted by her charms. It was the air of the perverse about her that held my long admiring glances as I passed. There was a stylishness about the urchin-cropped redhead, matching her hint of decadence or depravity.

Pearls of the Orient – Anonymous


Marie suggested heights and depths of human experience undreamt of; she held them within her graceful body and the compass of her strange mind – a creature restricted by no philosophy and fettered by no empiric wisdom.

The Death Gong – Jepson


Wandering the halls in thigh-high baby dolls, wearing push up bras, clutching Bunky as if it were the Christ child – pleasant when stoned, obstreperous when straight – Karla now presented a far different figure to Sister Josephine.

The incredible thing about Bunky, we would later find out: Karla had given the stuffed bear to Leslie Mahaffy shortly before she killed her.

Invisible Darkness – Stephen Williams


The dancers shifted effortlessly into the somewhat more subtle patterns of the Pony.

I can’t stop," she said. She moved. "Let’s make it good. Let’s make it a party."

Girl High – Stacey Clubb


Tommy laughed very hard and said something I didn’t catch. It sounded like, "More fun than a barrel. Turn on the squares." It didn’t make any sense to me.

Stab in the Dark – Joe Rayter


Until you find your particular groove, you have to keep getting further and further out.

The Wife-Swap Report – J.W. Wells


You can’t afford to frolic with these people, you must keep in mind that these people have suffered serious damage to their nervous systems and you mustn’t get them agitated.

Somebody’s Done For – David Goodis


Joan herself could not explain her own mixed up emotions that had led her to seduce Helen in the very kitchen where, a few days before, Greta Peterson had initiated Joan into the lesbian legion.

Rubberama – John Astley


"I’m hampered," she complained and reached behind her for the zipper of her dress.

Faculty Wife – Joan Ellis


With a few deft maneuvers, she managed to scissor hold her muscle boy spankee.

Lady Butler – Robert Nelson


"I’m going to hate to kill you, Johnny, because you were a good sex companion, but orders are to kill you and Jack." The little bitch gave me a cold blooded look and I knew she meant business. She was a dedicated Communist – no doubt about it.

A Bed Is Not For Sleeping – Meryl Core


Her briefs and panty-hose were already covering the lower portion of her exquisite body. He knew he was losing a rare, rare gem.

The Sexy Blackmailer – Rod Stagg


For just as the "Infinite Soul" had been expounded as a dream by Charlie to unite the Family, it nonetheless stemmed from the harsh fortune that had hounded him since the day he was born – finally to come into being as a full blown "vision" through the dealing out of death – of wanton, mechanical murder.

The Garbage People – John Gilmore


I shall never know what Old Bob found in the head of the troglodytes.

Perfume of the Lady in Black – Gaston Leroux


"And yet," he said, "it is not a true end, or rather, it is like all the ends of human inquiry, it leads to a great mystery."

The Terror – Arthur Machen

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