Let’s shake something out of the QUOTE BAG, baby

Doubly distinguished by the perfect simplicity of her apparel, and by her tall, supple, commanding figure, she took rank at once as the most remarkable woman in the room.

– Wilkie Collins


She drew her skirt up a little, on the pretext of quickening her stride, and her long, perfectly shaped legs gleamed alluringly in the shade-dappled sunlight. She was throwing everything she had at him, and what she had was plenty.

– Jim Thompson


His eyes stayed on her face, hungry and worshiping, as if she was the priestess or the goddess of a strange one-member cult.

– Ross MacDonald


Knew just how long to stand motionless, and then resume progress down into the room. Knew how to kill him. Or, since she’d already done that pretty successfully, perhaps I’d better say, knew how to give him the shot of adrenaline that would bring him back to life, so that she could kill him all over again. To be in love with her as he was, I couldn’t help thinking, must be a continuous succession of death throes. Without any final release.

– Cornell Woolrich


And it must not be forgotten that, since he had invented her before she came on the scene, he positively encouraged her to behave as she did.

– Martin Seymore-Smith


Is memory most of miseries miserable,

or the flower of ease in bitterest hell?

– D. G. Rossetti

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memory documentation and manipulation
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