Heather (In the Grass)

A horizontal promise with the grass

Hard to keep at the moment

But inescapable in the long run

Heather knowing

Still slides up the fencepost

Leaving empty loafers behind

She brushes past, already distant

Wandering the grassy depression

The smoke spread over the lawn

Heather dances

Polynesian in ripeness

Spinning slowly

As joints, quaaludes, acid

Airline vodka bottles

Fall from her pockets

The question isn’t how, but how far

How close to get to the grass

Without keeping the promise

Heather Rolling (Angels Biting God)

Ladder leaning on gym wall

Dark only the joint tip glow

Lying on the mildewy mats

Casual unguarded

Vapour shaded words

Deeply lidded meanings

The basketball floor creaks

Like an opening door

Heather holds my wrist

To steady the lighter

The proximity sprung with

Warmth perfume dopesmoke

Fantastic clarity

Enormous sensation

And angels biting God

High Waving Heather

Sly January Revealing
High Waving Heather
The Magician’s Assistant
Sawn In Half
Floating Through Space
Restricted By No Philosophy
Fettered By No Empirical Wisdom
The Light On Her Bare Arm
As She Twists And Glitters
Filled With Unexpected
Gleams And Shivers
Hidden Half Formulated
Secrets Breathing Gently
Her Poppy Fragrance
“The Old Firm Never Sleeps.”
The Ghost Stirring
Blue Compelling Strangely Hard
The Harlot Raising Her Head
At The Court Of The Rose Queen
The Celebrant Of The Festival
Swaying Under Her Own Mass
A Village Square Dance Cum Orgy
At The Sanctuary The Matted Thicket
The Cause Of The Panic Within The Disorder
Trembling Affright Terror
Dazzling And Glory Her Domain

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memory documentation and manipulation
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