Metaphor for BUSH

So what is it in the news today, you may ask, gentle reader, that has got UBU’s bile flowing, his spleen expanding, his gorge rising? How about the start of the sign-up for the new Medicare “benefits?” What, you say, don’t tell me UBU is some kind of policy wonk, or, worse yet, a depends wearing senior muttering about his pennies — no, dear friend, UBU is a POET and sees in this “plan” a compelling metaphor for all the misbegotten “plans” of the just plain awful BUSH administration. Look at it — the new Medicare is a confusing, ill-concieved, badly working mess designed for rigid ideological reasons and, oh yeah, to line the pockets of Bush’s fat cat friends. It was crammed down the American public’s throat by a combination of suppression of information, spin and outright lies and happily midwifed by a spineless Congress. Remind you of anything? The comparison to the disaster in Iraq is just too obvious, but if you look at it this administration HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING RIGHT! Some people claim their tax cuts for the wealthy have got the economy running well, but if GM and Ford are going broke how can anyone say the outlook is rosy? Their incompetence and dishonesty on every level is stupefying. It seems like the American public is finally tumbling on to that but UBU is wondering WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG? Isn’t one look at Bush’s simpleton smirk or Cheney’s evil leer enough to convince anyone? And all you teens out here in the blogverse had better remember this and not repeat the stupidities of “Generation X” — the REPUBLICANS are the party of the RICH, WHITE and OLD — the latest weapon of the dreaded baby boomers to continue their stranglehold on this country. A lot of you fall for the spin of believing that you’ll one day be rich and famous yourselves and therefore join the elect in feasting on the common man, so screw everybody else, but wise UBU is here to tell you that you have only the slightest chance to belly up to that table (unless your father is a millionare and/or a former president) — these people only want your vote so they can continue ripping you off, abusing you and using you for cannon fodder. How dare Bush lecture China about human rights when he tortures and imprisons people around the world? Why doesn’t the word “freedom” sear his mouth each of the million times he uses it when the “Patriot” act and his “Homeland” secret police have done so much to limit freedom in the U.S. As Jim Morrison used to say WAKE UP! The corporate world had got you hypnotized in a cocoon of MTV and consumer garbage worse than any Matrix while they pick your pocket and push you off the ledge!
Yr pal,

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    Greetings from Shanghai.

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