The secret of manifestation is this
The persistent transformation of vision
From the cross hatch of the seat back
To your arm through the window
To you here gleaming single minded

But only this available
The part above the table
Our earth of signs living
Just between the limits
Of acceptable contact

Absently you pull the collar
Over buttons not undone
Stimulus and last refinement
The wary self awareness of
Your experienced innocence

Time’s only tightened
Skin paper and string
The planes of your skull
Ever more frozen
Ever more lucid

Then the old perfume
Across all time
Into the present
You are here
And back again

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Ginger Rogers


in Vivacious Lady [1938]

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It is difficult to gather from our present
Material and limited understanding but
When our story becomes intelligible again
Lilith the maid of desolation
The Queen of the Month
Whose holy body no garment covers
Whose holy breast no cloth wraps
Has caused Sister Grain-Goddess
The most kindly bountiful light hearted
And ever joyful maiden
To shed bitter tears as
She stands among the crops
Let her tears flow toward heaven
Let her tears flow toward earth
Falling on this city which itself has
Existed before the advent of time
Formed in the creation chamber
Of the Goddess

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What Creatures

There are doors unseen, opening into unimaginable realms. Once these doors have been opened, what creatures may enter in?

— Barbara Michaels

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It’s not her fault
She’s a supernaturally
Attractive being or
Maybe just attractive
To supernatural beings
Herself a transgressive
Remixing machine
The width of her want
Might threaten to
Reprogram human culture
When the shades are drawn

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This Scornful College Girl

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I changed into this for you

has it had any effect on you

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The Fire Reflected in the Thinking Eye

The question isn’t how but when
When the same thing every single time
Until this is all repaired from the gate
To the baffling anarchy of existence even
This abundance can never be appreciated

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during an argument outside a hookah bar

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it’s not her fault she’s a
supernaturally attractive being
or maybe just attractive to
supernatural beings

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