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Some find the end of the holidays deflating…


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Blush 3/4 Sleeve

Something I forgot to
Mention about my pants
In that area somewhere
That’s where we’re going
I wanted to bring
That up as well
To throw over
Isn’t that pretty
If you have the idea
Go ahead & do it
Say god
And in that way
You thank me

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Let’s cut a dash for once
Improve out of sight Run off the rails
Have a rootle round Become adept at skipping
Be right according to our lights Sound good value
Pursue stormy emotions Stir out of all reason
Make a fearful shindy in the narrow street
Like something strayed from the greenwood
Hang onto our coattails We’ll do the best we can
As we adventure into slipshod garishness
Out of our hats at any moment We’ll
Wear the things that kill us dead
Till the last monk dies

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Beth Rainboat

4a fact finding mission

That English girl crashed
Our New Year’s Party
Yeah solid man we’re cool
Far from reassuring
She is indeterminately
Effervescent and
Desirably wild
Pulling the whole bag
Of tricks down
On her head
Amused by her
Exercise of power
Are we having the
Same conversation
Her way of living and
How groovy it was
Sex & drug use
With abandon
Salty & carnal
Everyone was pushing it
And things were getting
Out of control
What with the
Latent drug addled
Criminality & general
Behavioural sink
The induction of
Abnormal states
& a number of
Dissociative phenomena

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Is there a solution a deep
And intricate coherence
In this well of fragmentation
Some sort of experience
With Jesus Christ
Leading to a fresh
And agile feeling

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A Woman Of Easy Surfaces
Like A Beach-Belle
Transparent Through
Her Bathing Dress
Kicking Over The Traces
With A Night On The Tiles

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What Is This
Lovely Fragrance
Still Still Still
Baby Jesus Angel
Holy Lowly
Stepped Out Of The Divine
Into The Mundane
Why Your Joyous
Strains Prolong
Bending Near The Earth

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Allegory of Mercy and Truth


BATONI, Pompeo
Oil on canvas
Benedictine Abbey, Pannonhalma

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