Kristin NOVAK

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A Document of Horrifying Reality

Of means and methods a one

Way road to fragmentation

The kind of book we wish our

Young would take to heart

The babying of degenerates

Preliminary Exercises to Universal

Delight in Indissoluble Mixtures

By a troubled recluse a

Lost world that hates god

Shortly before I take flight

To heaven

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We Can But GIVE THANKS For Literocity!

Just pick up your receiver and you shall receive a lovely sex kitten ready to please.
Formerly published as HONEY SUCKLE HOTLINE

This number is known for its lust phone so just give us a call and you’ll have a ball.
Formerly published as DIAL-A-GAL

Cover posed for by professional model.


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I Think I’m Being Tailed

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Autumn Woods

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A Girl Called Che

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Babs and her brother Wally were on an airplane, heading home for the holidays. Suddenly there was a sharp crack, and slowly but inevitably the side of the plane peeled away and they were in the sky. With an unconscious spasm Babs unbuckled her seat belt and found herself falling next to her brother who reached out, pulled her to him and shouted urgently in her ear: Tell yourself this is a dream. Tell yourself you can fly. Close your eyes and believe it. She closed her eyes and repeated what he had said over and over until she felt herself grow light and even begin to rise. She opened her eyes, still floating, to see her brother, motionless, sprawled grotesquely on the ground below.

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Favorite Final Girl

Neve Campbell

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