Held Fast

held fast as if by snake hypnosis

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You’re welcome to a life of your own and
That vexed relationship which appears
To have firm legal standing
A bed of roses? Perhaps
You don’t want to remember
O Swell Doing Bride of Heaven
O Patron Services Assistant at the
Fox Chapel Community Library
Your perfection remains startling

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Anna Maria Ferri, the Artist’s First Wife


FAGAN, Robert
Oil on canvas, 74 x 62 cm
Tate Gallery, London

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On Board

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Operative Investigation

OK sounds good the system for operative
Investigative activities refers to the density
Of the universe where we used to go here
In the fiend’s twisted playground

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And to answer your insolent question
We are granted this boon this blessing
By the four known fundamental forces
Of the universe the manifestations of
The elasticity of emotions and logic
A balance of probabilities a partial
Differential operation processing
Another coed who had bought the
Sample peace symbol a measure
Of evolution or something that we
Gotta clean up the first uncountable
And transfinite man because man
We’re fucked up

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Am I to Understand

Thanks for the information
Thanks for letting me know
But how do these entities
Affect their surroundings two
Black holes circling each other
Space time rippling through
Leang Tedongnge cave

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Hidden ripeness
Which sometimes
Blossoms sincerely
When history is
Ending within

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Which Sometimes Blossoms


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