Deja Vu-Do

John Otterbridge

via Tilton Gallery

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Jason Andrew for The New York Times

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That’s Kind of

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If I give you advice it’s good advice
I have a painful matter to discuss
What is alive What is dead
What is me What is you
What is now What is then
What is the present What is the past
What is here What is there
So it seems to me then fades and
All that remains is to get a tomb

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Know You In The Dark

“I wanted to know you in the dark,” I said. “Don’t overthink it.”

— Elizabeth Hand

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I alone am man and all the rest divine.

— Beckett

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An Entity Which Can No Longer Be Contained

Embrace me I keep seeing her
The object manifested by the seer
Phantasm of an otherwise invisible
Object a comely maid Lady of the Lake
Unveiled the starlight on her breasts you
Remember that night right well
Whatever produced her it’s
Happening again

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Mary Magdalene Penitent


Jusepe de RIBERA
Oil on canvas, 196 x 148 cm
Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao

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