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This book which addresses a host of themes with insight, humor, and compassion, will be with me literally and figuratively always. 

About THE COVER Darcie was just a housewife…with three men on her mind. She cooked and cleaned for Thad and was glad to see him when he came home at night, but he could just as well be Chuck.Sometimes she … Continue reading

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Henry Moore?

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The Golden Doll Now With Love Commands The Blue Flame Igniter Dancing Under The Bright Light The Force Is In The Gleam Between Tights And Skin My Tesla Tower Transmitting To Your Golden Bower Now In Full Flower

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Love Magic

UNKNOWN MASTER, German Oil on panel, 24 x 18 cm

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Self Portrait

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MAR 28 1966

Mrs. Ruth Muirhead, secretary, examines the damage Vandals Make Shambles Of School; $4,000 Loss

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