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Picture equals thousand words

or I don’t have anything else prepared      

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Jake’s Ghost

The ghost of Jake On Liberty’s sidewalk

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Crime Beat: Poetic Justice

  Shoplifter stabbed by hidden knives   GRAND RAPIDS – A man who hid hunting knives in his pants to try to steal them from a western Michigan store tripped while fleeing and stabbed himself in the abdomen, police say. … Continue reading

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The Republican Candidates and the Ghost of Bush’s Past

It’s funny – it’s pretty evident that George W. Bush will be remembered as one of the worst presidents this country has ever had, yet the current crop of Republican candidates can’t seem to help parroting the essential ideas that … Continue reading

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The Morning After

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Snow Fall

Snowfall After lengthy discussion Pam agrees to come back to my hotel room, but only with the firm stipulation that what happens there is not going to be what usually happens between a man and a woman in a hotel … Continue reading

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Anglo Saxon Riddle

I lie in the gutter outside the house where once I was an honored guest. What am I?   A Christmas tree….

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Snow Fall

The two things I don’t like about a big snowfall are cross country skis and snow blowers — or maybe just the self satisfied smirks on them that use them….

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