Staff Recommendation From The Superior Center For Literocity

u0005My favorite book of 1965. Trainer is master storyteller and so graceful in showing us the depths of sin, the pain caused by hot-eyed hell cats, the grip of their elders who should just let go. We see generation after generation of a family endure lust. Smell the lust of those gone and see it spill from those still here. Witness not just with eyes, but with other organs, the hardness of those that came before and those that come after. But the novel is equally adept at showing us love, not matter how inappropriate. We see how love can be carried, not matter how small, and can become a much larger gem that allow the characters to bear what it brings. Even with the heavy weight of sorrow running through the novel, the book is somehow lightened through Trainer’s generously beautiful prose. He shows us what it is to live, to love, to french-kiss. What an extraordinary book. One I will take with me the rest of my life. To the laundromat anyway.

— Waugh Swank Duff, Executive Overseer of All Things Literocitical  for Photographic Purposes

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